Thursday, March 5, 2009


thru the mountains from missoula mt to boise idaho i might add.... isn't this BREATHTAKING?!?!but seriously... because of all the beauty, windy roads, snow, avalanche area, tree down areas this was all the faster we could drive.... made for a LOOOONG trip! almost 9 hours in the car! and obviously some of us are not fans of sitting in the car for sooo long... esp when she knew the pool was waiting for her at the end of the trip!arly beautified me too! :D isn't it great!!! sure felt good!and her little SP... takes after her mommy! :D

we made it to bootcamp though... and i'm still on cloud 9 from that!


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calvin & hobbs said...

love the pics...and your Hair! Good Job Aj! can't wait to see you all SOON!!! Super-dooper EXCITED!!