Thursday, March 5, 2009

TAG... ur it! :D

From your 5th folder in your pictures and your 5th photo in... OH LOOK!!! it's my bestie! we were at a scrap retreat in Rapid City, SD! how fun! love ya lilo!

So onto the 2nd part of the tagging.....
My Three's (3'):
Three Names I go by
1. Jari
2. Mommy
3. Jare
Three Jobs I have had in my life
1. WALL DRUG! woop whoop! i loved it! worked in the restaurant side as a bus girl supervisor!
2. Highway Patrol Secretary...
3. sahm and Scentsy Director! best jobs EVER!!!
Places I have lived
1. grew up in Philip, SD
2. went to college in Spearfish, SD
3. Now we live in the beautiful Missoula MT
Three TV Shows that I watch (or at least record on my DVR)
1. Biggest Loser
2. Greys Anatomy/Private Practice
3. Oprah
Three places I have been
1. Hawaii this past December with my hubby! (and to visit my sister! :D)
2. North Carolina and down to Myrtle Beach and up the coast (to visit this sister! :D)
3. back and forth to SD to see all my lovies!
Three books I have especially enjoyed
1. The Secret
2. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series... cuute
3. scrap magazines!!!
People who e-mail me regularly
1. Leah
2. Mom
3. Julio
Three of my favorite foods
1. Super Nachos!
2. hot wings... hot and teriyaki alike! mmmm!
3. huckleberry ice cream
Three friends I think might re-post
1. Not sure 2. Maybe 3. You?
Three things I am looking forward to
1. Friday night Scrappin'! whooot wooop!
2. June 11th - going back to SD!
3. A road trip to visit Elsie at her new store on June 26th! yay!!! there are my its your turn!! Have fun!

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kimi said...

I am totally doing this...but when I get home cause I don't have 5 folders of pictures at work :)