Monday, March 16, 2009

hmmm... what to do, what to do? or should i say what to do FIRST!

Rachel listed her list of things to do today... and i'm naturally a list maker so here it goes!
(pssst... you can get this here... isn't it sooo stinkin' cuuute?!?)

*clean Scentsy room
*put laundry away
*go thru closets for donations for Goodwill
*take Alyn to swimming lessons
*look at dishes until about 6pm - when Joel will be home to do them
*put laundry away
*make something pretty... like finish tipis, panda toy, i<3>
*exercise... eat sweet tart easter candy! shhhhhh
*call fair and bazaar vendors
*print off lots of letters
*wait for Scentsy packages to arrive - i loooove getting mail
*pick up warmer from vet's office
*cash checks
*find the spider alyn keeps talking about... hmmmm.....
*order mini jars for cuuutie testers
*put laundry away
*go outside and enjoy the sun for a while (it's been so long - i NEED the sun!)
*go have a visit with the post master about a package i sent (totally MESSED up!!!)
*wait for the RVA Craft Weekend info to be posted - then cry because i can't go... sniff, sniff
*pass out more invites to the Mystery Party
*play old maid 7 times :D
*put laundry away - i realllly don't like putting laundry away.... dreadful!

ok ok i know i'll only get a fraction of these things done before the end of the day but maybe, just maybe the list will be finished before wed - so on thursday i can just enjoy the PARTY! :D

what are you plans??! how is your list looking?


Mika said...

Love the Elsie album. Mika (

We 4 King said...

Laundry, Dishes, scrub the bathrooms down, vacume, hit up starbucks after droppin kiki off to school, finish reading book 3 of twilight, update my blogger,call a few ladies i havent been able to talk to, pay a few bills, bring in the trashcans ...
I can go on..but i need starbucks first! LOL=)

TaMs* said...

thanks for swinging by my blog! That's nice of you. You've got quite the list running here... i'm impressed!
happy wednesday!

sharonjo said...

So...did you get the laundry put away?!!!! Hah--you're a hoot!