Thursday, March 19, 2009


goody goody goody! i get to go craft with some fabulous ladies! it's seriously a dream come true! eeeeeeeeeeeek! joel told me "happy mothers day.... early! you deserve to go! i know how much it means to you!" talk about the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!! thank you thank you! here's the rad list of girls i'm going to be taking classes from! RVA CRAFT WEEKEND!!! Springfield MO here i come! by myself! how funnn!!! and excitingggg! i've never traveled along and i'm soo proud of myself for doing this... for ME! can't wait to meet all the lovely ladies and my amazing classmates!
oh... did i mention the tour of elsie's loft?!?!

party at RED VELVET ART!!!

concert by JEREMY LARSON!!!

sooooo excited!!!! :D




kimi said...

um, I couldn't tell from this post or not...but "are you excited?"

euphoria said...

ummm, yeah- totally jealous of you right now! What a fabulous hubbs you have!

Have a blast! And take lots of pics (of course)

Eeffie said...

Soooooo jealous of you! Please take lots of pics to share on your blog!

Have fun!!!

Mika said...

Share please what your doing there. So jealous!!!
Mika (

Miss Wanderlust said...

oh!!!!! I am so excited that you are going too!!!!! Yay!! I can NOT wait to meet you :) Do you know of anyone else who is going?

harmony said...

Hi! We have never met. I'm Robyn (aka pinningdownclouds) and I live in Branson, MO just down the road from Springfield. I am planning to go to the craft weekend and am looking forward to meeting all you creative people! See you in April!

Anonymous said...

That is SO neat!!!