Thursday, April 30, 2009

all i can say is.... <3!

today was AMAZING!!i met these beautiful ladies... and they are AWESOME!!!
(ha... rachel and i matched! and i didn't even realize until just now! :D cuuuute!)
*oh and ps... i'm so proud of my new look... (hair do) but it was raining today so please forgive the helmet head! HA!

and the store... LOVELY!

and the trip... LONELY - until i met these new friends... i am so blessed!

and these are for you alycat! mommy thought of you when i saw all these hedgehog/porcupines! mommy loves you girlios!!! xoxo!
talk to you all tomorrow! i love you!!!


hollysarah said...


photography4me said...

this is wonderful! I think your hair looks great!

hollysarah said...

just noticed the little undie painted cups... I think I'll have to grab one for myself when I come visit in 2 weeks. ;)

Miss Wanderlust said...

1. I miss your guts already, it's ridiculous :(
2. I love you.
3. Have a safe and fun trip to Kansas City and a safe and fun trip back to Springfield for more loveliness.
4. I miss you :)