Friday, May 1, 2009

happy may day+2! (a little late!)

ok... so probably by far the best may day since my kindergarten boyfriend left flowers on my doorstep - only to find him hiding in the tree! aaweee... too sweet!
some pics for today!
i really need to wait until i find the perfect words to express my weekend here in springfield... i'm still soaking it all in.
(my heart is full!)


Miss Wanderlust said...

i kind of think you need to move to st. louis :) deal??

Toni Brockliss said...

Thank you for the pictures.
It looks so wonderful and fun!
What a fantastic weekend for you.

Liz V. said...

it looks like it was such a wonderful weekend! i'm glad you were able to go!

michelle and brittany said...


it was great meeting you too! i wish i could/would have spent more time with some of you girls...i enjoyed meeting everyone! it was so nice to be able to find like-minded people who enjoy doing the things i love...there aren't many people like that back home! i look forward to keeping in touch and maybe we'll meet again!

oh, and you're right...KC, here we come! :] i'll post pics when it's done. :]


photography4me said...

I love these pictures. I really missed out:(
I'm still off of work. I tried going back last thursday but couldn't do it. The pain kept flairing up. But I was given the OK to have the gallbladder surgery done. It needs to come out but the Dr.s are unsure if that will take away the pain. It could be a couple of other things as well.

So did you go thrifting with
Rachel today? That would be awesome.

lacy said...

YOU! You are darling and I am just so in love with your zest for life and crazy smiles. Your style inspired everyone over the weekend, you are so you and we all love love love it! I know what you mean about taking some time to be able to express it all. I am a little sad today but super grateful that it all happened you know. Much love, lacy

Vivianna said...

I love all the photos! I love you!

Euphoria said...

WOW_ looks like you had a great time!! Lucky you!!!

hollysarah said...

I neeeed those purple specs. They are adorable..