Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i'm a sleepy bunny.....

just waiting for 6am to roll around... it's 4 now... so soon!!! :D

it was a fabulous last night in springfield! i went thrifting with rachel when i pulled in to town (awesome.. fun! exactly what i needed... thanks rachel!!!) and then talked to my family on the phone and then met elsie and emma at the loft. good conversation and filled with inspiration! love!

so i decided that since i slept in until 1230 pm at chad and pi's (thank you guys!! i had a great time with you!!! we'll come visit soon - and talk WAY more often! love you both!!!) i had enough sleep to stay awake all night waiting for the plane. i fly out at 740 am... but am going to be there around 630. and it was easy to stay up too - i was at elsie's until about 230... so i'm doing great! :D

now mash is on - and this is my chillin' in the chair!...

trying to come up with words that describe this adventure.... new beautiful friendships, amazing inspiration, great conversation... etc... i have a couple flights tomorrow to try and capture exactly how i want to produce my post this week about this fantastic trip... that's my homework!

i love you!!!!

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