Monday, April 20, 2009

GIVE-AWAY... eeeeeek!

hi all! i'm having a hard time being inspired on my own blog... the banner is too fall looking and i'm ready for something new! so i'm going to do an INSANE GIVE-AWAY for whoever would be willing to submit a new, funky, fun, colorful, blog banner for Spry's On A Wire!!! it will totally be worth your time if you want to participate... i promise!! :D i'm just sooooo not good with computers and trying to figure all that out! ha ha!
isn't this delicious?!?!!?
so.... let's see what you got! *pretty please.....*
leave a comment to let me know you've submitted! or email me at!

thank you!!!


ashleyrwatts said...

Woo-hoo how neat! :)
I'm soo giving this a shot! One question: do you want to keep the birds on a wire on your banner (since the name is Sprys on a Wire), or just something completely different now?
Oh! And are there any certain colors you want? :)

julio n carla said...

i LOVE all colors! maybe pinks and yellows and purples with a little gray?
the birds are kind of fun but i'm not totally set on them. whichever works! THANKS!
this is going to be FUN!!!

kimi said...

Alright!! I am going to give this a try too!! Hey did you ever find out about that package?

hollysarah said...

I'm in, I'll e-mail you tonight. :)

Mallory Phillipy said...

how long are you going to keep this open? i'm a procrastinator (and student) and i would love to give this a shot, but i have a feeling i'll be waiting until the very last moment :]

julio n carla said...

hmmm.... how about until may 5th! :D THANK YOU!!!