Wednesday, April 29, 2009

guess who's in SPRINGFIELD?!??!

ooo pick me pick me! (like the little pigs on shrek menu! ha ha!)
but i'm here! why... might you ask? to craft and be creatively inspired by the lOVElY red velvet art girlios! in addition to the very talented LA! and my online blogging girls! wahoooo! i have been waiting for this day for a long time...and i'm sooo excited to see the store! you can check it out online here! DROOOOOL! and i never knew how quiet and lonely a hotel can me... i'm missing my girls and ju already! i'll keep you posted... but right now i'm going to bed... long day.
(ok i probably won't be able to sleep... way toooo excited!) wishing leah and holly could have made it! and all the other classmates..... mwah!
ok not sure any of this made any sense... but i'm going to beddybye!
tty oh so very soon!


Jamie said...

Yay! Have a fabulous time and fill all of us that can't be there in on all the fun!!!!
xoxo -j

hollysarah said...

yay is right!
I'm sooo bummed that I can't join in on the fun, I would loooove to meet you!! Seriously!
Maybe one day.
Have a fantastic time!!
xo, holly