Friday, May 22, 2009


i'm jumping on the bandwagon! thanks emjay, kimi and janel!

but it's not such a 'happy' day today - well it was but as the night is winding down so are my last few hours with my baby. alyn is leaving tomorrow for south dakota... she's going for vacation bible school (her idea) and is going to be staying with grama and grampa, mama, heltzels, and papa for the next 2 1/2 weeks. the rest of us will be heading down on june 11th - and i canNOT wait to see her again. we packed her bags tonight... along with her jumprope, baseball glove and new froggy lunchbox. she's sooo excited and i know that it'll be so good for her to go - and for me too - and arly because then she'll get my undivided attention for the next 20 days. still hard for a mommy to see her baby go......

(oooo i make a pretty good puss face... we've been watching wayyyyy too much shrek lately!)

have a lovely wknd... we'll be spending 12+ hours in the car tomorrow - only to end up where we started... home sweet home.



michelle and brittany said...

have a safe drive! and the weeks will fly'll see her again before you know it :]

ps, glad you're joining us for fridays :]

calvin & hobbs said...

awwww...i'm sure she'll be back b4 you know it! although that is a long time. i'm sure, knowing you, you and arly will stay pretty busy! and if ya run out of things to do we're only 8 hours away!

margot said...

awwwwwwww! it'll go fast! and she'll be so happy to see you too!