Thursday, May 21, 2009

happy mail & happy cousins!

it's a happy thursday!!! it's a beautiful day today!
we've been sidewalk chalking! yay! i'm trying to doodle around with some cutie cupcake ideas for the start of my half sleeve! i want them colorful, simple, cuuuuuute! elsie help me!!! :D
i looooooove the new ink on these lovies!
(photos taken from holly's blog!)
e+h got new tats this last weekend and i'm in love and totally inspired to get mine started. might have to have them draw me up the start of mine! cupcakes first! then rainbow! i think! ha ha! (minds change ALLL the time!)
check out my happy mail from my bff leah! isn't it great!? i almost cried when i saw it. thanks looovie!

so we drove up to olympia to see the o'grady's after we left spokane.
here's some cutie cousins....these two sets of sisters haven't seen each other since jan 2008! that's too long!
we walked down to the port of olympia....lawn/deck games 00000 i love this man!and kiddos playing was on the agenda for this trip so we decided to postpone the trip up to seattle so the girls could just play and play! we'll go up there sometime soon!


so pretty random... but lots of FUN!!!

ok... time for grocery shopping!!! yippeeeeeeee!


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calvin & hobbs said...

thanks for comming and seeing us! we had a BLAST, can't wait to do it again! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!