Thursday, May 21, 2009


idk what has gotten into me but our house is being cleared out!
i got rid of our microwave yesterday & since have fallen in love with the counterspace! it's going to be the home of a super cuuuute home organizing system... (some of which i made at rva craft wknd! - speaking of rva...... check out their update tomorrow - can't wait!!)
so the girls' room... i know i didn't take the best pics but this is the PILE i took out of there
and this is how clean it is now!
(in the cd player... jeremy larson! their new fave bedtime cd!)(i really wish i had taken before pics too.... you would not believe how much work that was! it was BAAAAADDDDDD!)
and they love it! - i can't wait to see and hear all the creativity coming out of that room!)
next.... my room (well, joel's too) ha!

you know you have those days where it just feels like you have no idea what you accomplished at the end of the day but are exhausted so you know you must have done something....

*finished the girls' room
*watched shrek the third (ha.... how exhausting huh?)
*mailed holly her giveaway prize (sorry it took so long... i hope you like it! xo!)
*mailed off a scentsy basket heading to colorado and dropped one off here in missoula
*picked up aj from school
*took aly to kindermusik - her last one!
*cheered for the zootown brewers! (joels softball team...) double header too! woo hooo!

and my sweet friend lacy listed what she's looking forward to so i'll add that too!
*cleaning my room (crazy i know because i'm not a neat freak at all but this week it just hit me!)
*memorial wknd... pig roast!!
*getting to spend lots of time with aj - although i'll miss aly like crazybugs!
*FUN blog posts tomorrow.... happy mail and cutie cousins!
*my 5 yr anniversary!!!
*humongo garage sale from editting my home (out with the old... wait for the 'new' (thrifted and handmade!) to go into a new home hopefully in the next year!
*going home in june... can't WAIT to see aly (i miss her already and she doesn't leave until saturday!) and to see my family and friends again!!!! love you!!! it's been since last october for some!!!

i'm soooo close to 200 posts! what should i do?!? something fun for that one? any suggestions?

joel served me tuna sandwich in bed about an hour ago and now i'm super sleepy.... nighty night lovies!!!


Tegan Amara said...

looks awesome! i've been trying to get myself motivated to clean and organize!

ashleyrwatts said...

Whoa you really worked your pa-tootie off! It looks great!

I really need to start on mine...but I've been so busy it may end up turning into a "summer" or "fall" cleaning (yikes I hope not! lol).

And that is sooo cute that they listen to Jeremy Larson as a bedtime cd!

Hope your week's been going great, girlie!

kimi said...

hello sweetness! the girls rooms look so good. want to come over and clean kaitlyn's?? i might do that tonight cause i am sick of seeing all the toys she doesn't play with just sit there and the craft/computer area is in there too...and it is a disaster.
i will take pics if that happens. it needs to be done cause we are planning on being out this tv, no computer, no sitting at home. miss you loves!!