Monday, May 18, 2009


the girls were super confused... not sure at ALL what was going on.... and alyn, ha! she does NOT like crowds :Darly looks a little nervous too. :Dhmmmm.....there are WAY too many people here....and here she is... MISS TAYLOR SWIFT!!!and the crowd goes wild!!! (totally worth this reaction right here! <3)and man, did she put on a show! it was FUN!!! (yes, even for me & joel too!)

and with all this banging...this one should have had ear plugs...but this one didn't mind at all! least she made it to "love story" the song she belts out approximately every 8.21 minutes! ha!and it's a memory that will hopefully last a lonnngggggg time!



RachelDenbow said...

those pics are priceless! What a great mom you are!

kimi said...

they are so cute!! and excited! i can't believe that alyn could fall asleep. how fun for them though, what a fun surprise!

Mallory Phillipy said...

haha that is too cute! looks like they had a wonderful time :]