Monday, June 29, 2009

i'm HOooooME!

These are a few states that we've driven thru in the past 5 weeks!

Upon answering these Q's... i concluded that this week has been completely crazy! i'm soooo ready for life to slow down....
(Saw this on Janel & Holly's & Leigh-Ann's blogs)

Outside My Window
Darkness, Sprinklers, Mountain, peace & quiet.

I Am Thinking
about starting my idss pages, proud of myself for actually packing a lunch for the waterpark today.. yay me!, catching the mouse that snuck into our house while we were on vacation, and how badddddd i want a lemonade right NOW! :D

I Am Thankful
that our 4yr old is sleeping in her own bed (night #2 tonight!), i'm caught up with the mail... incoming at least, that my basement is nice and cool, for my family and friends whome i looooove and for them loving me back, for online friends who keep me motivated

From The Kitchen
a FULL refrigerator!!!, sticky floors, clementine tea, the extra counter space after getting rid of the microwave, pics of lovies on the refrigerator door

I Am Wearing
crocheted headband (first thing i've ever crocheted!!!), VOTE tee, gray sweatpants

I Am Creating
a painting for a friends birthday, idss art journal, some cutie decor for our living room

I Am Going
to sleep soon, to portion my meals better, to start exercising, give myself a pedicure

Around The House
suuuuper quiet, lots of laundry to catch up on, roasty upstairs... (might need the AC soon!), caesar snoring, piles & piles & piles....

One of My Favorite Things

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week
hmmm... take the girls thrifting, get some scentsy work in order, MOPS potluck lunch tomorrow, backyard games olympics & water fun on sat, idss journaling, cleaning the house, unpacking, get back in touch with all my lovies

i've missed you guys... it's been a suuuuper long vacation! it was sooo awesome to see people, whether it was for a few days or just a few minutes, it made me so happy. i'm happy to have my neice staying with us for a few weeks. and i'll be happy when my kiddos get back into their regular routine (attitudes and all! :D)
i'll be back again with more updates but i HAD to leave something tonight
(i want this set soooo bad!)


Freckled Nest said...

i missed you pumpkin!!! i checked your blog almost everyday, even though i knew you were away ;)
Glad you're back :)

hollysarah said...

yayyy! Good to see you posting!
Glad you had a good vay-cay. ;)
looking forward to seeing your art journal when it's done! xo

Miss Wanderlust said...

Yay!! I am sooo glad you are back!! I looooove you and I missed you muchly!!