Thursday, July 2, 2009

late night... lists & girly movie!

i'm making my list for the next week... while watching this film for the very first time!!!

i get teased a lot from my friends (all in good fun!) about how 'sheltered' i was growing up... not seeing a lot of the 80s movies... and i respond "i was out doing stuff - jumping on the trampoline, exploring, anything but watching tv"... so now i'm trying to play catch up. what are some of your favorite 80s movies that i must see?
and my lists go on... and on!
tomorrow (ooops... maybe today!) is dedicated to catching up on my summer art journal class by this lovely. i'm loving the pages of my friends' and can't wait to get started!
i'll post my progress later today!!!

(oh and does ANYONE know how to make my blog 3 column? help please!!!! no $!)


Joy said...

My favorite movie of all time is Real Genius with Val Kilmer.

michelle said...

i think this is the site i used to create mine...

but if it doesn't just google "how to make a 3 column blogger template" and it brings up all sorts of helpful sites.

hope this can help! :]

corinne said...

ahhhhh love that movie!! so good!

have you ever seen the labyrinth?? amazing!!!
david bowie sporting a mullet and spandex! ha!


Suzanne said...

two words:
say anything
(best 80's movie EVER!)

if you find out how to add a third column please share! i'd love to know as well :D

Suzanne said...

ok! i just tried using that link michelle posted above and it worked! super easy! hooray for three columns!