Thursday, July 16, 2009

lazy... crazy...

my sister jackie, neice kaci and rachel have FINALLY convinced me to read the twilight books and i was suuuper skeptical but in all honesty, i've realllllly have been enjoying reading them. thanks vivs for sending them to me! i'm now on new moon and i'm hooked! every time i get a free minute (and i'm not on the computer) i open is up and read read read until my girls NEEEEED me.are you into the twilight books? have you read them all? holly it's time! they're awesome! (even my hubby has started them too!)
these girls are SILLLLY! obviously a little bored at joels softball double header last night... holy strong!!!
today will include:
photos downtown
get film for our "new" vintage polaroid
set the tent up and air it out for camping tomorrow
grocery shopping for camping
go down to the carousel
write thank yous for Scentsy while the girls play at dragon's hallow
send out emails to my team... welcome!
get some baskets out the door
enter a party
order some arbonne... time to detox!
sand volleyball tonight.. we NEED a W!
and maybeeeee a yahtzee tournament tonight... best out of 5... with themed rounds! :D

what does your thursday look like? busy? or lazy?


chelseybell. said...

though they are insanely melodramatic (but then again, how could they NOT be?) i have read and loved all of the twilight books.

there's just something about them.

and edward...le sigh.

Toni Brockliss said...

You look so relaxed reading your book. Beautiful.

Thank you so much for my prize. I got it this morning and I love it.
I am going to make a coaster from the material you sent me. So lovely.
My car smells wonderful and I was drooling over your catalogue. I can't believe you have candles that smell like pie!
Your blog is so pretty.

Trina Louise said...

I was also unsure about Twlight but once I read them I did like them.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

Amber said...

New Moon was my favorite. I am onto Eclipse right now. It has been awhile since I have picked up, so hopefully I can get back to it soon.

Love your blog!!