Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things I've Done... Places I've Been... lately!

We've been SUUUUUPER busy at the Spry household lately... and right now i'm a bit of a sad Auntie Bear... Kaci left tonight. SNIFFLES!!!!
But we had such a fabulous time while she was here... here is our list of things done and places gone!
GLACIER NATIONAL PARK! (it's seriously like Heaven on Earth!)
Lake Como
Hiked 'M' Mountain! (even AJ & Alyn did it too!)
Splash Decks
Splash Montana (outdoor waterpark... going tomorrow too!)
Parks, Parks, Parks
Carousel... fastest one in North America!
Osprey Baseball Games
Hip Strip Shopping
READING... LOTS!!! (done with Twilight AND New Moon... now i'm on Eclipse! yay!)
Shirt Making... HA HA!
Crafting... swap, fun, happy mail, and other exciting things coming soon! surprise gifts!)
Art Journaling (but i'm still soooo far behind!)
Camping the Beavertail Hill - and lots of bug bites and swollen eyelids!
Floating the Bitterroot River... I <3 Tubing!
Yard Game Olympics
ok... this lady is going nighty! i'll be back oh so soon!
probably tomorrow!!!

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