Thursday, July 30, 2009

my happy day!


arbonne detox... one of my favorite things EVER! and now i have friends, family and online friends doing the detox with me! you'll love it! ordering it tonight!!! rearranged my living room... when i get it looking all cutesy i'll post pics!

Scentsy! 10% off everything and convention is coming soon! yay SNIFF WHIFFERS! (these are what my team is wearing there... and i'm NOT kidding!)

sand volleyball... our team was super aggressive tonight and we went from 7th seed and ended up placing 3rd in the rec league... go BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COW! again, not kidding, that was our name! i love it!

i'm sure there's more but i'll post later... i can't put 'eclipse' down... i'm hooked! and i'm a slow reader too... like i do the whole play in my head as i read. see the characters, make their voices different, and sometimes (ok lots!) i must make their expressions too because julio will look at me and say "what is that face about!?" ha ha! i really get into them! if you haven't watched twilight... you must! it's awesome. i was super skeptical at first but now i can't stop! and can't wait for 'new moon!'

so tell me... are you team edward? or team jacob?


Amber said...

I have been wanting to try the Arbonne detox...can you really tell a difference? I have never done anything like that before. I hear that theres doesn't really have a taste!!

I am Team Jacob. I am in the middle of Eclipse right now too. It is hard to put down!
Have a great weekend.

heltzel6 said...

team edward for sure. he is who she truely loves.

michelle said...

team jacob fo sho. he treats her better. and he's way hotter. and they just seem to have more in common i guess. i feel like she just idolizes edward while she actually enjoys doing things with jacob

i'm such a nerd!