Sunday, August 2, 2009

i have BABY FEVER!!!

i'm sure it's because i have so many beautiful friends and family having babies! yay! boys and girls! so i've been searching thru my favorite onlines places for some cuutie gift ideas... and first, i would celebrate with the new mommy with these raspberry-brownie cupcakes that look mmmm delicious! wouldn't you agree?!? Pickles
Thank you HollySarah for introducing this beautiful website! i'm in love!
And Now for the Making and Shopping!
And for the little boys.... this lazy baby sweater jacketAnd this sweet dolly for the girlies!summer cardigans for all!BIBS!!! i LOVE THESE! made by this lovie who is going to be a mama (for the 2nd time!)HANDMADE QUILTS!
the most adorable baby girl dresses! made from vintage fabrics!! does it get any sweeter?
surprise teddy... or horse?and you can be sure that i'll be making some of these baby burp cloths for all the many new miracles that are entering into the world oh so soon...

so since i can't have anymore babies... i'll be waiting patiently for all the stories and pics coming from all you soon to be mamas! i LOVE you!!

*adoption is not out of the question... someday when we're ready - like in our own house again!

ooo i want to hear baby stories! please share any story with me... birthing, new mommy (or daddy!) or advise! i have some ideas brewing for gifts and wouldn't an advice book be excellent for new mommies? and names that you are loving right now... mine for a girl would be alice and boy i'm thinking would be olivier (my maiden name was olivier, and wouldn't a little boy nicknamed olie be sweet?)



Miss Wanderlust said...

I know!! I am totally dying over all of the cutie baby stuff that Rachel has been making. I even bought one of the baby quilts. I had too!! One day I will have my little hispanic baby girl wrapped in it :)

calvin & hobbs said...

don't look at me...i'm DONE, lol!!

hollysarah said...

i have the fever too... we'll hopefully have another baby neufeld soon. :)
names: girl - delilah. boy - emmett. :)

pickles is just awesome huh??