Friday, August 21, 2009

i'm feeling...

sad... my creative rush in me is gone... please come back!
hopeful.... Scentsy IS AMAZING!!!
overwhelmed... how to manage my time... being a mommy & wife, business owner, creative girly at heart!
i miss all my family, friends EVERYWHERE... i haven't had much time to breathe the last two weeks... but it's been amazing! i've learned so much and am super excited for the future of Scentsy... but i need to make time for the inner artist in me to surface... and enjoy the last week of summer before aj goes back to school.
so i need you!!! i need you to keep me motivated... what has been inspiring you lately? what some good diys? fun blogs you can share? I MISS YOU!!!!


Suzanne said...

oh i SO know the feeling! being busy with "work" is great, but sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself!
lately i have been making a point of going out with my camera... on long walks or hikes, and taking pictures of everything pretty that catches my eye. i don't look at any of the pictures until i get home. sometimes i am very pleasantly surprised at what i see afterwards!
one blog that i have recently discovered that i really enjoy is:

happy weekend!

Judith Cebreros said...

I just started an art journal to get my creative juices flowing. It's great because it's not a "project" no pressure, you can just write, draw and stick pictures in it. It's helped me a lot so far.
And not to mention that it's really relaxing because it doesn't have to be perfect and neat.

michelle said...

i totally feel your creative rut. i myself am finally coming out of one. one thing that has helped jump start me is the promise of a new season. we just had our first cool front come through and the temps are a cool and crisp 70 degrees (which is cool for south louisiana :] ) anywho, it inspired me to clean and organize and redecorate my house, which in return has inspired me to be creative again! nothing like home decor diy projects to get those juices flowing!

Anonymous said...

Cute bow, cute blog:) I hope you'll get your inspiration back, try borrow some from others:)

Just Sweet Love said...

loving your hair! but on the real, you're amazing! you know that. one day at a time.