Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Go check out Ms HollySarah's blog today! how cuuuuuute!
(photo taken from holly's blog)

this girl knows how to accessorize!! the hair and the latte! (can't wait to see your yoga mat bags!)

should i make more cozies? should open up theHotPinkFlamingo again?

what have you been working on lately? i need loads of Inspiration... i'll be ready to craft soon!

i'm working on making a shade for our Scentsy Booth for the Western Montana Fair... and i have pricked and poked my fingers, hands and elbows for the last 2 days! i'm going to finish tonight!!! i'll show you the set up when i'm finished... i hoping it'll be store-like and super cute!

hi-ho hi-ho... it's off to sew i go...


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Stacey B said...

Thank you for the adorable rain drop brooch from the craft swap. Super cute and can't wait to wear it on my bright yellow rain coat this winter!