Friday, September 4, 2009

sweet crafting, sorting and sad nerd!

little Alycat... embroidering a monkey for grama... she is my crafty one! i LOOOOVE it!
and Arly... she is my 'sorting queen!' you can DEFINATELY tell that school is back in session! ha! she could spend hoursssss sorting.. i need to get her into the craft room to sort away!isn't this the CUUUUTEST handwriting ever!??!?! i looove it! db=dark blue rhinestones, w=white rhinestones, g = green and so on... and me... i'm a sad NERDola today... i'm totally missing out on the NERD PARTY at RVA in SPRINGFIELD! i miss you girls... and Jeremy too! :Dand then i found out tonight that my dad is going to Missouri this weekend... i told him that i would cry happy tears if he stopped at RVA Shop and took a pic with Miss Elsie... or Miss Erin. so girls... if he does i want to see pics! :D
joel and i are watching the 1st episode of the Lucy Show... with George Burns and everything... loooovvveeee!
ok... i'm off to spend time with my hubby... since the 4 little ones are sleeping! (i'm watching my sister's 2 daughters while she spends the weekend with her hubby in nashville... he's military and is there for training!)


Lovely Kasey said...

ahh I love Lucy, this makes me want to sit down and watch all of the episodes! love the purple glasses :)

Amber said...

You are one cute sad nerd! I wish I was there too! Can't wait to see pictures of it! Have a great weekend!

Jenny at Dos said...

Hey! I would love to see that Family photo. Please let me know when it is up! Greetings from sweden

Chedder Fish said...

You should totally take advantage of this-

Anonymous said...

awww...she is adorable embroidering. And those glasses are fantastic. :)


RachelDenbow said...

We wish you could've been there, too! Montana is SOOOOO far away!!!!

You and your girls are the cutest and I can't wait to see you and hang out again.

Jenny at DosFamily said...

Hey! How is that family-photo going =)

/Swedish greetings
Jenny at dos family

jari spry said...

rachel & jenny! i'm working on the family photo session... i'm going to need an extension til this week sometime! i have some ideas for it - but want it to be super cute - but still very casual. any ideas from you?
fun fun!

lacy said...

OMG so cute! She is going to love crafting forever. Job will done mamma!

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Aww, I love that your daughter likes to sort things! Her little chart is so sweet... and what better to count than rhinestones! Lovely :)