Thursday, September 3, 2009


me in the morning... i looove my cherry slips! the patchwork on the hoodie is from Elsie's camera embroidery pattern) It's my go to comfy outfit... so anyway - i have TONS of mailings to go out today... still! sorry mom, labels will be shipped today! promise! and quilt squares for janel & jamie.... fun! ok so i drug out my stash of embroidery stuff and LOOK! what a disaster! that's about a days job right there! yikes! put it on the list.... never ending list! but a busy life is a good life! i'm searching for a good knitting book. holly suggested i tried 'chicks with sticks' - the one i found at the book exchange was a kids book! too cute! but she did send me the link to book here. check it out! now i'm on a hunt!Arly has started her 1st week of 1st grade! she LOVES it! was sooo excited to see 4 of her classmates from kindergarten in her class with her! every morning she wakes up and says "today is my 1st day of 1st grade", "today is my 2nd day of 1st grade!", "today is my 3rd day..." ok you get it! but i love it! there is nothing more special than seeing your child be proud of themselves and their accomplishments! she melts my heart! oh... and have i mentioned that I LOOOOOVE SCENTSY! Joel and I are soo fortunate to have it in our lives! the income, the awesome smelling home all the time but most importantly the relationships we've gained thru this amazing experience! to all of you that have supported us... thank you! if you'd like a new catalog... with the WAY FUN NEW PRODUCTS & SCENTS... email me at and i'll mail one out to you asap! and if you're wanting to learn more about the opportunity (fun, exciting, rewarding) i'd love to share that with you! THANK YOU!!! (and don't forget the Scentsy Love Button on the side! - if you add it to your blog, let me know and i'll send you a free gift!!!) yay!


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