Wednesday, October 28, 2009

... a week in our lives :)

day one....
i spent the WHOLE day monday putting packages of over 1100 little mini testers wax jars together for my girls on my Scentsy team... it was a TON of work over the weekend but i love to do anything to grow our team... these are the empties left over.
here's Alycat... (Alyn!) always still in her pj's when we drop Arly off at school everyday... then we ALWAYS snuggle up on the couch for an hour or two.. (we are NOT morning girls!)

one of the buses we see everyday... and the girls constantly wish they could ride. maybe someday.Arly and I created this sweet flamingo pumpkin for her school project. he is a flamingo from the croquet game off Alice and Wonderland. she had to bring in the book along with the pumpkin and they will be on display at the library - waiting on votes from parents and kiddos! we'll find out friday who the winner is... he was soooo fun to create :)
oh p.s. thpf is opening on SUNDAY!!!
so that's it for monday!
what is your week looking like?
xo. jari

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