Sunday, November 1, 2009

it's Halloween! (ok well technically it's Nov 1... and we're excited about that too!)
here's wonder woman = Arly... so excited to go be out treating!and miss Alyn = jellyfish!mmmm i *heart* julio!and a couple more posie pics... they are soo silly!and a little photo with little caesar boy... cuuuutest bumble bee everrr!
and our jacks...
arly did the traditional all by herself!
alyn wanted to do the XO after seeing miss elsiecakes!
and i'm sooo in love with paul frank right now we had to do a monkey! (pssst... i just drew it on the pumpkin and johnny boy came over to start planning our trip to the olympics in feb and he shaved and carved it! yayssss!)how's that for exterior illumination?!? HA!

we've been listening to Christmas music for about a month now... and watching all the Christmas movies too! our family faves Christmas Vacation & Home Alone! LOOOOOVES!

ooo and suuuper thankful that Nov is here! tomorrow at 5pm mtn (remember to set your clocks back! yaysss for an extra hour of sleepy.) THE HOT PINK FLAMINGO will open! we will have weekly updates for the WHOLE month of November! (oooo and we're featured on Freckled Nest too! - we'll have a widget oh so soon!)

Are you ready for November... Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!?!! wahoooo!

xoxo! jari


vivianna said...

OMG! how cute are your little ones ;)

miss you

hollysarah said...

holy cow I love your paul frank jack-o-lantern!! eee
and your girls are adorable!! Great costumes. You guys look like such a fun family. :)

Mariana (: said...

Oh , :) I'm new to your blog :) Hi there!

I love the costumes! LOVE the jellyfish one XD reminds me of a "sea" costume I wore once! :)