Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa's Helpers....

i found the cuuuutest doll house this late summer at a thrift store... and i knew the moment i saw it, that our girls would go NUTSO!!! sooooo.... it's going to be the big present under the tree!
here are a couple before pics...

joel and i have been going full force on making all our christmas gifts this year. and we are a little behind... so last night, our good friend johnny boy had the girls over for a movie, hot chocolate, sleepover! that gave us a chance to remodel the dollhouse! so here's some pics...
this is the party room..
thehotpinkflamingo room :D here is a half way done pic...
what else can i do to it to make it a gift to remember for sure?
are you making handmade gifts this year? if so, please let me know... i'd LOVE to see them!


Miss Wanderlust said...

jari this present makes me soooo happy!!! I have always wanted a doll house, I still do and I think that this is definitely something that your girls are going to treasure.
Maybe you can make little arly and alyn dolls or something??
I love it!!

Carrie said...

I love doll houses! My husband got me one for Valentines last year! Your girls will love it!

Just Sweet Love said...

Jari this is amazing! It's lookin' goooooood! Love x3

hollysarah said...

woah! I would FLIP if I got a gift as cool and as thoughtful as this! You did an awesome job at redoing it. Makes me want to play with dolls soooo bad.
Something that you could do, maybe, is print out little mini family pictures and tape them to the walls? Oh, and don't forget scentsy! maybe they would like the bubble gum scent for this house, lol. ;)
loves! xo holly

Theresa/MIL said...

OMG!!! You guys did a super
fantantic job!!! The Girls are
going to be insane!! They will
remember this christmas always!
Let's get some furniture when you
come! Measure so we have the scale!
Can I make some shutters for the
front??? I have a great stamp for a front door!! I'm even more excited for you to get here!
Wait till you see where we have to
Play!!! We may have to give Tata's
house a make over! Are you bringing the new house??
Love you, xot
(how hot is this that I can blog :)

Theresa/MIL said...

Just noticed... a honeydew green
room??? the craft place? xot

Anna said...

this is great! they are going to be super excited on Christmas morning!!

Anonymous said...

Looooooooove it! You must take pics of their faces when they see this palace!

Toni Brockliss said...

What a fantastic find!!
I had a doll house when I was little. I can still remember Mum giving it to me. She had painted the rooms and made curtains.
When we moved (my Dad was in the airforce) we left one country to come back to Australia and our furniture container fell off the ship! No more doll house.
I will find one. It's my mission.

Leigh-Ann said...

that is a REALLY COOL PRESENT! A memory maker!! :) How'd they react??
LA :)