Monday, December 14, 2009


is not going sowell. I NEED a vacation... which should start on Thursday. but it might be a long 3 days getting there....

so here's a few things that might help me make it new print from Unconventional Ida... beautiful. and these adorable panda mittens from Holly with RVA!

and this gorgeous hat from Piper & Paisley. Jen makes the BEST hats and I can't wait to wear this one too!

so today i must:

*wait for the dealership to call and tell me what's wrong with our pathfinder... not good when you're getting ready to go on a 12 hr road trip to see family you haven't seen in 6 months! aaahh

*give Caesar another bath... somehow he got fleas (not covered but there were some the other day). he was only at the vets and the groomers in the last few months so he must have picked them up there.... GROSSS! but we've disinfected the whole house and him... TWICE!

*finish 4 Christmas gifts...

*buy some liquor... you'll see why after Christmas

*deliver Scentsy after it's packaged all cutesy... but first wait for the UPS guy to deliver around 4ish...... and place a few more orders. tomorrow is last day for guaranteed delivery... busy!

i'm sure there's more... but that's all my full brain can think of now.

are you feeling the Season Rush?!?!



Emilie Lynne said...

Oh gosh, good luck with the fleas!! Our whole house was infested with them a few weeks ago because of our cats :( We had to bomb the house twice and I am STILL getting bit every once in a while!

Oh, that is so weird that this is my first comment to your blog! Well, I've been a lurker for a while, so hi :)

jari spry said...

hi emilie!!!
yes, i only found about 12 spots on him.. so i'm HOPING that it was a very mild case. we haven't been bit... but have sprayed the WHOLE house twice and bathed him twice and will do it again when we leave for Christmas vacation. i pray that they'll be GONE!!!
thanks for stopping by my lil ole bloggity! :D

Carrie said...

we have had a problem with some fleas on our dogs really weird they are outside a total of twenty minutes a day maybe (they hate outside).

Good luck finishing your list!

Theresa said...

I need a Vacation too....
I'm shampooing carpets tomorrow and stripped the monkey room today... Caesar must leave MT fleas in MT...It's -4degrees here,
How cold is it there? How do fleas survive the cold? Always fun..huh
We aaaaaaare reeeelaxing....
It's something I need to learn how to do this year! I also need to think about making some goodies.... need to kick granpa in gear - fudge? I'm crazy and excited! Thur! xot

Anonymous said...

I love the print! So beautiful, but also a little sad.

Good luck with the fleas, I'm itching just to hear about them.