Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're Now...

in a RUSH! source
time is definitely not on our side.... but that's ok!! we are sooooo ready to go home to see our family and friends. things will fall in to place.

today i MUST:
mail off Happy Mail & Scentsy awards!
deliver a couple last minute Scentsy bags
get caught up on all the laundry... wash, dry, fold AND PUT AWAY!!
gather all the goodies to bring with us to SD
just a tiny bit of shopping for a few gifties
gather my craft supplies to take with us so we can finish making that last few gifts while we are home
pick up the whole house, dust and vacuum - (it's always soo nice to come to a clean home)
give Caesar yet another flea baths.... i think they are gone, but we are doing one more round of treatment so we can be sure sure. :) - and spray the house one more time
watch (or listen to) Elf one more time!
pack all the bags... can't forget all of our electronics. (it's getting pretty ridiculous actually... laptop, dvd players, NEW KINDLE!, ipod, cell phone chargers, camera and charger)
check the weather report.... nothing like traveling 12 hours in yucko weather (it's raining here this morning and so it's suuuuper icy!!)

hmmm.... that might be it! yays!

how is your day? busy? or relaxing?

oh... PS.. i'm going to have a new baby cousin today!!!!!



Carrie said...

wow you are busy I hope you have a safe trip!

cupcake cutie said...

that is a big list! i hope you got a lot done.
i had a very busy, but productive weekend.

Krysten said...

So much to do! But it'll be totally worth it!

trees like giants said...

have a {happy} new year.

Miss Wanderlust said...

Happy New year pretty girl!!
Love you soooo much :)