Sunday, January 3, 2010

Number 1

I WILL TRAVEL....(the above photos found here)
next monday we go on our first adventure of the New Year. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Joel and I are going for a leadership training for Scentsy :] i can't wait for all the new helpful training and the beaches.... AND the relationships that we will make.
also up on the list are... Vancouver, Cananda... TriCities, Washington... Morden & Winnipeg, Canada... Hawaii... Denver, Colorado... Springfield, Missouri... back home to SD and a trip to Olympia too... and most likely Disneyland at the end of the year. It's going to be a busy year but I plan to document it ALL with pictures and actually start scrapbooking again.

What are your travel plans for 2010? i would looove to hear... even if it's to the next town or across the world. by bike, car, rv, plane, or even a hot air balloon... (swoon.)xo. jari


hollysarah said...

With Delilah coming in May, we don't have much for travel plans.... I do plan on going to Minneapolis with some girlfriends for a road trip. AND I plan on going to Springfield in late summer or fall with my baby girl. :) Can't wait! All your travel plans sound awesome (SO jealous about Hawaii!!) I sure hope all your travel wishes for 2010 come true! XO

kimi said...

We are planning on buying a house and (maybe) getting hitched this year...not sure yet :) But I am hoping to go to San Francisco, Colorado, Springfield, New Orleans, St. Louis, the Grand Canyon and would love to go to DisneyWorld. I love it at the Disney parks...I could totally work there and be content :)
Happy New Year, hope you received my Secret Santa package.

Penny said...

your plans sound awesome!!! i'm still not sure where i'm travelling to this year. some small trips to nearby towns, portugal (most likely) aaaand the other ones in my list are california, jordania, thailand, norway&sweeden... hope to find "cheap" flights to any of these places ;)