Tuesday, February 9, 2010

oh Quiet Nights... I need you!

Yes, that's right... I need some quiet nights. So I'm already signed up for this art journal class. you can too... right here! It's very affordable, we'll make more friends, and did I mention giveaways?!?!? Vivs has been such a sweet friend since I met her in Springfield last April... and then Joel and I got to stop and see her in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Only for about 10 hours but it was so fun just to hang out, drink 'trash' and eat the yummiest pineapple, jalapeno pizza! :)
PS... please pardon the really scary Jari look.... this was after getting the most amazing beachside balcony massage from Julio (nope... not my Julio :) but he was on the table next to me. Then right after the massage we ate some sushi and had one (or two) more Miami Vice drinks (that for some reason I kept calling Magnum PI all week! ha!) and then the almost 5 hour flight to SF. I was seriously almost like Jello! :)


Vivianna said...

haha! drinking the trash! thank you!

Amber said...

Okay...well I am loving your outfit in this picture. The boots are too cute with the jeans. Can I hire you to come and be my personal shopper/dresser??

Suzanne said...

i'm signed up too!

Chelsea said...

An art journaling class sounds so fun!