Friday, March 19, 2010

ready for some sunshine....

rain rain go away... i'm ready for some sunshine!
so... i went to target and found sunshine there... in the form of this!
we don't have bedding here yet which i'm veryyyyy excited for! can't wait til it gets here so i can make our bedroom PINK!
i fell in love with the dishes, girly dresses, and journals & binders. i'm going to create a home journal for this little chicklet to get organized & focus! (go away CHAOS... Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome!)
have you been to Target lately? what's your favorites?


hollysarah said...

I didn't go to Target (they should have them in Canada!!), but I ordered some cuuuute dresses for Delilah online... can't wait to see them irl.

Good luck with the C.H.A.O.S, (lol, I like that) and I look forward to seeing pics of your new pink bedroom!

Sending some sunshine your way (not warmth mind you... it's still cold here, but the sun is shining)


Anonymous said...

It's rainy and gross and COLD here as well.

I haven't been to Target lately but I have seen that brand of items around online.

Call me crazy, but it is not my favorite of all the patterns I have seen. To each her own. :)


LINDSAY said...

Target gets me in so much trouble! That store is filled with tempting goodies :)

amy lapi said...

i looooveee your blog. <3