Monday, April 5, 2010

so pretty.

ruffles & florals! yes PLEASE!


check out this site.... i want one of each please.

also... i'm taking this class and seriously can not wait to get started!
taught by 2 very beautiful girlios who are oh so sweet in real life. i want to go back to springfield!

(photos taken from redvelvetgirls blog!)
oh i can't wait.
btw, i reallllllly need to be a better blogger.
i miss it.
and you.


Sandy a la Mode said...

that's soo exciting that your in the class! i can't wait to see all your projects! i love the bag with the flowers on it in this post!

Jamie said...

Love those shoes up there!!! I can't wait for the class either! It will be so fun! You've been missed, Jari! ;) Have a wonderful day!!!

Amber said...

Hello! I missed you! Love all the pretty ruffles and flowers. This is my favorite time of year beacause I can wear dresses everyday! Yay!!
Hope all is well.

Faith said...

ooh love that dress!