Thursday, April 8, 2010

cutie 1st grader....

today is picture day... and she picked out her outfit all by herself. and i think it's cutes.

oh and looky at my new purse. it fits the florals and ruffles category! yays! it seriously makes me want to make some pretty things.
i've told you what i've been craving... what about you?!?! what makes yummy little crafty butterflies in your tummy flutter?!?!


Suzanne said...

she is ADORABLE!!!

as is your new purse :)

i've been craving even more art journaling... i think i'm addicted... just signed up for the "Tell Your Story" class and can't wait to get started!

{eleise} said...

what a cutie!

I'm lovin' that bag...I personally am craving some amazing summer heels! =)

angela said...

loving the new purse!


Just Sweet Love said...

fashionista!!! <3 her nail polish!

miss you sooooo much!!

cupcake cutie said...

she is soooo cute..
love the outfit

and your purse is beauuutiful!

i am craving thrifting...bad!