Thursday, May 27, 2010


Goals get me moving...
AND... This is my short term GOAL! This Canon EOS Rebel T2i! I've wanted a nice big camera for a longggg time and now my company has one with my name on it IF I can earn it.
In order to EARN the beauty above, I must sell the beauties below....
If you've never tried Scentsy, now is the time to FALL IN LOVE with these SAFE, WICKLESS, SMOKELESS Candles. There are over 50 styles of warmers to choose from and 84 scents as of today! My favorites are cherry limeade, guava nectar, cutiepie cupcake, red candy apple, peligro... oh I could go on and on. Click here to see more and if you place an order by Monday I'll send you a handmade gift! THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!

Here's my story:
Scentsy has been a blessing for my little family. When we moved to Montana from South Dakota just over 2 years ago it was the first time out of my house with the first girl I met. I went to my friend Ariell's house to sniff all the Scentsy and left with 2 warmers and 6 bars. My house smelled soooo yummy and I didn't have to run home from the grocery store to blow out the candles! yays! They stay on 24/7 so we smell good all the time!
After my neice spilled wax (that had been going for hours and hours) from her hand to her elbow and didn't get burned (or even show a red mark!) I knew Scentsy was different than anything else out there. I was a first time ever stay at home mom and NEEDED to get out of the house to meet friends! So, I started selling (low fee of $99.... that's like one small trip to Target! ha!) and started meeting girls.... I won't go on and on about every detail but today, there are 135 girls/guys on my growing team and I'm making a full-time income! ALL THE WHILE BEING THE ONE HERE WITH MY KIDS! Praise the Lord!
(oh and did I mention our trips!?!? Joel and I went to Mexico in January and are headed on an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO HAWAII in 2 1/2 weeks!!!!)

If you are wanting to try Scentsy, now is the perfect time! Whether it's to buy Scentsy, Host a Basket Party (FUN and you get to smell ALL of our scents!.. and location is not a problem... anywhere in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico) or Join my team to get a little extra moolah.

Become a Fan of TROOP SNIFF WHIFFERS on Facebook to receive extra specials! and if you're not my friend yet, please add me!

Thank you sooo much for your support!!!!!
XO. Jari


J*marie said...

I've ALWAYS wanted a nice camera too...someday! ha!

Saying hi from 'tell your story'!!

<3 Jess

J*marie said...
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Hearthandmade said...

your ceramics are lovely!! Im saying hi from RVA Camp!! I didnt know we were tell your story classmates too! xo