Thursday, May 27, 2010

rainy days = crafting!

Last night was our LAST night of Girl Scout Daisy meetings of the year. *sniffles* We celebrated with Big Dipper Ice Cream (huckleberry, yellow cake and white mint oreo ice cream!) at the Carousel and Dragons Hallow Park! The girls loooved it.
and of course... I needed to make them a little something special that i, of course, waited until the very last minute to do it. SUMMERTIME ADVENTURE JOURNALS!
My girls are pretty good sports, Alyn held the daisy charm while I 'friendship bracelet' knotted the yarn.
Arly is a pom pom making princess! She made 13 in less than an hour!!! (look at her sweet little tongue sticking out... now that's concentration!)
VOILA! They're finished... and the girls were ecstatic about them. That's why we craft right?!? So we can see the smiles on other people's faces when we gift them something we made from the heart right?
What are you working on? Are you ready for the longgg weekend? I am! However, we were suppose to go camping with friends for the whole weekend but Mother Nature has decided to keep us warm indoors. (forecast... rain for the next 5 days and highs in the 50s)
So I will be working on my art journal and listening to the rain come pouring down. What a perfect day!
XO. Jari

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angela said...

you are such a good momma! and i hope the girls love the summer journals cause i think they are fab!