Saturday, May 15, 2010

PURE JOY!!!!!!!

Happy Weekend to you!!!
Ok... so, I don't know when the something just 'clicked' inside of me but I have fallen wayy more in love with my hubby.. and have an extra burst of joy for our girls. I feel like I couldn't possibly know more love than what is in my heart right now.... and it makes mae feel sooooo good! We've made it a point to reallly focus on just us for a few weeks and it seems that we all have a knew respect for each other. We are more patient, there are more giggles, and everything feels like it's just going to smooth.
I am so blessed.
Praise the Lord! You are SO GOOD!


Carrie said...

what a cute family you have I love the pictures!


angela said...

WAY cute candid ice cream photos! and i'm so happy that your love for one another is so strong.


Sara is crazy four my boys said...

You guys are just way to stinkin' cute!! It is great to focus more of our time to our family-glad that you are so happy :)

katecreate said...

You have such a cute family.

hollysarah said...

aw! This post makes me smile.
You're happiness is contagious, and I hope others think so too!
You're wonderful.