Monday, May 10, 2010

This is ME & MY Story...

I FINALLY got a chance to sit down and work on The Story Class!
it was so refreshing to get to work... as you can tell... i most definitely used Rachel's intro pages for inspiration - i'm getting back into the groove and her work is sooo inspiring and helps me get started and build off of. i'm very please with the process so far and it's all i can think about now!

I can't wait to do more!
What are you currently obsessed with? mine is organizing and art journaling :) and... of course, Scentsy!
XO. Jari


alyssa said...

I am so ashamed that I have barely started this :-/ I have all my supplies and I just haven't had the same, ahhhhh! Yours is so cute :)

Kristen Michelle said...

Ameeeen sister! I love this class as well. So much (:

cupcake cutie said...

you did such a great job, it looks so cute!

i am currently obsessed with organizing my room, and adding more and more to my hope chest for when i get my own place! yeyeye xo

angela said...

im so excited that you started your journal..i was waiting for some photo inspo from you. love them!


lacy said...

Oh i love it! SOOO Cute Jari it makes me want to march my little self right up to my studio and create something!