Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beauty School

you can bet your pretty little pony tail that i'm taking this class.

i love all things elsiecake and this class will be icing on the cake after taking this class
and soon to be this class.
idk if i've told you... but my girlies will BOTH be in full time school starting the end of Aug, so i'll be staying busy with these purrty little projects. and who knows... maybe open up THPF again!

ps. sorry for my absence. i'll be back soon. with pics of Freddie of course.
xo. Jari


Clarissa said...


I think she's absolutely fantastic :)

hollysarah said...

yay! i bought the beauty school e-course too!
I've been contemplating the home-ec class too because Rach is my favorite seamstress around :) and all the projects look so fun!