Monday, July 5, 2010

i need your help... floral style :)

yep... now that we have our beauty, Freddie, we need to think about decorating the inside! (i'm pretty sure that will be my absolute favorite part!)
so here are some fabrics that i've found on etsy... which do you like the best?

i have 4 big huge cushions (that are set for the dining area... 2 seats and 2 backs), 3 curtains. please attach any fabrics that you think might go good in our new '56 Mercury!
ps. i'll be back with a new post everyday this week. (my personal best and my 'get back on track' plan!)
i love you.


Katie said...

Such beautiful fabrics! I think my favourite has to be the blue floral print :)

Anonymous said...

Holy cute blog!! I love the first and last fabric so snatch those beauties up!! Hope summer camp RVA style is treating you well. I have A LOT of catching up to do. Goodness me.

Shirin said...

ah! the second one is my favorite but they are alll so great. you have to post pictures when its finished!

MissHetz said...

I choose the first and last fabrics also.

With Love, Jamie said...

Beautiful blog!
You have a new follower :) :)
xx, Jamie