Monday, May 9, 2011


Today I finished a 6 session training on Finding My Vision/Purpose in Life. Find more info HERE. It's SUPER AWESOME!
It made me dig deep (like DEEP!) and through all of that I now have challenges that I've created for myself to help me grow in the areas of my life that are in fact, the reason that I was put on this earth.

Through this experience, I've realized that I GOT LOTS TO BE THANKFUL FOR! (so I'm starting my list... which I will post EVERY DAY for the next 90 days for sure! - - so keep me accountable okay?)

#1. I am THANKFUL for Love!

My whole life I have felt loved, I have shown love. But in the last almost 2 years of having a relationship with God, I know now what TRUE love is & I'm learning how to give it. 
It's the most satisfying feeling ever.
It makes me feel 'real' and it makes me feel whole.
It makes me want to be a better wife.
It makes me be a better mother.
It makes me happy.

PLEASE join me on this journey if you'd like. My list will be completely random! AND I AM COMPLETELY EXCITED TO COMMIT TO THIS!

Thank you to my friend Allison for being such a great mentor (whether she knows it or not!) to me... for great ideas, amazing inspiration through her everyday living & being a Sister!!!

XO. Jari

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