Tuesday, May 10, 2011



I love my hats!
Those of you who know me, know that I love to sleep in.
When you sleep in, you don't have time to fix your hair when you wait to roll out of bed until 9:42 when you have to be somewhere by 10:00! HA!
This is me this morning on my way to Bible Study... 

For sure the make-up doesn't get put on and the hair doesn't get all poofy and pretty... because I only have time to brush the teeth, get dressed, throw on a little perfume (especially when smellin' good is the name of your business!), scarf down a quick bowl of AppleJacks and grab the kiddos school work and GO!

I'm trying reallllly hard (ok, I KNOW I could try a little harder!) to get up in the mornings. 

That should be a NEW CHALLENGE right?!?

Ok, back to HATS! My favorite hats ever are from a local chicklet here in Missoula. Jen makes the cutest, most comfortable hats... and I have a HUGE soft spot for handmade! Check out Jen's hats at Piper and Paisley on Etsy. LOVE!

I'll be back soon.

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m+o said...

Ha ha, i love sleeping in, too! And not just that, I'm also a lover of hats :)