Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ok... again, in no particular order, but...I
I LOVE Missoula!
We moved here just over 3 years from our very familiar home in SD.
At first, I was sooo super nervous about being so far away from our family & close friends.
But when I finally got the nerve to leave the house, this is what I saw that surrounded me!

Isn't it GORGEOUS!?
God is MAGNIFICENT and His creation is BREATHTAKING!
Being here, we truly get to see the beauty in it all.
We are so blessed to have this be our backyard, but if you are ever looking for a place to take an amazing summer vacation... look no further! COME SEE US! We'd LOVE to have your company!
It is so relaxing, so fun (lots to do during the summer months here!) and GLACIER NATIONAL PARK is just a couple hours away! Talk about complete AWE... that will take your breath away for sure.

The sun was shining today (75+ degrees! WAHOOO!) and it made me realize how thankful I am to be here in Missoula. - for many MANY reasons which will come soon!

 Arly had a softball game tonight and being able to soak up the sun while looking in the background at the snow covered mountains... like a postcard I tell ya! I pray it never gets 'normal' for me.

I will have pics of the girls to share tomorrow. All of our activities that have kept us busy this spring... stay tuned.

Love you and goodnight!

PS... I might not post the GOT LOTS TO BE THANKFUL FOR photo anymore... Do we really need to see that EVERYDAY?!? haha!

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