Monday, October 20, 2008

just*my*GIRLS (ok, ok & some cozies!)

random photos of my chickadees! will take more and post more... i promise jackie! and if anyone knows anyone who would be able to recover photos from a trashed hard drive at a reasonable price... PLEASE let me know! i'm missing photos from our whole life in MT... from March until the end of Sept... :[anyway! i'll get better! PROMISE! but there will still be my happenings and stuff just about me on here too... and if i'm really nice - maybe i'll include julio too! ha ha ha!

and a little something for riley! awesome huh!?!?!?
AND some cute little cozies i'm making for the missoula MADE fair... thanks for the inspo specsandwings!



heltzel6 said...

love the pictures of the girls. the cozies are cute too, but they are not arly and alyn cute.

kdsmith7 said...

Hey Jar - when my computer crashed last year I was most concerned about getting all the photos from it recovered. I took it to this guy in Rapid - that is a long ways away from home for you, but he got them ALL transferred to an external hard drive for me & it cost me like $75! It was AWESOME! If you happen to be interested in this guy, just give me a call & I can give you the details.
Your little girlies are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing the pics! And I LOVE the landscape pic too! Breathtaking!!!!!!

calvin & hobbs said...

your girls crack me up...especially when we're web-camming, lol. they're getting sooo big. miss you guys lots and lots. and yes those cozies are super cute... i think i want one for sure, for all that coffee i drink ha ha!!!

really tho you may have to send chancie like a doz for all her coffee, ha ha ha!!!

julio n carla said...

does chancie drink lots of joe?!??!

csmith said...

The photo of the landscape is gorgeous!!! Aaron lived in Bozeman for awhile and if we ever leave the Hills area that's where he'd like to go back to. After seeing that...I think I would be okay with that decision!!

csmith said...

Oh...I just read Jennas comment. Yes...I have a slight coffee addiction and I'm not ashamed to say it!! The cozies are adorable! Hehehe!