Monday, April 26, 2010

AJ = ArtJournal for ArlyJaxson + AlynJenasen

the girls asked me the other day if they could do something fun... so we came up with art journaling to get some of their feelings and emotions out on paper while being creative. their thoughts are so innocent and so raw. i love how simple their lives are. i want the best for my girlios... i want them to figure out who they are and what they like. this is the perfect way to let them express everything. loves.

(and of course, i am wayyy excited to get started on THIS CLASS! yays!)
i can't wait to get started.

XO. Jari


RachelDenbow said...

OMG, I'm melting! Your girls have natural talent.

You're such a good mama!

hollysarah said...

woah, that's so great!!
I love her page. Fancy is one of my favorite words too, so I love it even more. :)
I think it's so cool that you're encouraging them creatively, you're inspiring.

Pot Luck Designs said...

That is so have to keep those forever so they can look at them years from now!!!

Debbie :) xxoo

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness, Jari!!! Sweetest thing EVER!!!! I love that you did this with them!!!! These are a treasure!!!

michelou said...

Your girls are just the sweetest! Josh and I still talk about your visit during the Olympics and wonder when you are going to make your way up here again!


Suzanne said...

seriously adorable Jari :)

photography4me said...

This is adorable.

Faith said...

awwww this is SO sweet!!! I might just have to do this with my girlies this week!